Alternativa 2014

We at Alter­na­tiva are con­stan­tly seeking new paths for art and its social role. Each year, we under­take acti­vi­ties to streng­then the rela­tions between the local con­text, the pro­blems of the con­tem­po­rary world, the work of arti­sts and eve­ry­day cura­to­rial practice.



Hito Stey­erl — Abstract

16 Octo­ber (Thurs­day)
19:00 hours /​ Wyspa Insti­tute of Art, the pre­mi­ses of the for­mer Gdańsk Shi­py­ard
Admis­sion free

Exhi­bi­tion open until 31 Decem­ber 2014
Cura­tor: Aneta Szy­łak

Alter­na­tiva 2014 is proud to pre­sent Abs­tract – the first solo exhi­bi­tion in Poland of the out­stan­ding Ger­man artist, the­ore­ti­cian and docu­men­tary essay­ist Hito Stey­erl. She is a key figure of con­tem­po­rary art and film, one who views the image-​​making pro­cess from femi­nist, cri­ti­cal and poli­ti­cal perspectives.

Her exhi­bi­tion is shown as the last unve­iling of Alter­na­tiva 2014: Gar­den of Eve­ry­day Errors shows her latest works, among which are pie­ces such as: Liqu­idity Inc., Novem­ber, Adorno’s Grey, How Not to be Seen, Guards and Is the Museum a Bat­tle­gro­und? and impor­tant older work such as Lovely Andrea.


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Thomas Hill, The Gardener's Labyrinth, 1577 (Zdjęcie nagłówkowe Alternativ)

Alter­na­tiva: Eve­ry­day­ness — Main Exhibition

Grand Ope­ning

Fri­day, 13th of June, 7 PM

Eve­ry­day­ness, the exhi­bi­tion cura­ted by Béa­trice Josse and Aneta Szy­łak is dedi­ca­ted to the minu­scule gestu­res, repe­ti­tive cho­res, vola­tile forms, inti­mate moments and disap­pe­aring words. What is near­ness and what is being toge­ther? We are obse­rving the atmo­sphe­res of toge­ther­ness. What is the eve­ry­day­ness rap­tu­red by the brisk notice of some­thing unu­sual, beau­ti­ful and rare? We are inte­re­sted in the prag­ma­tics and poetics of the sim­ple form. In the extra­or­di­nary in the ordi­nary. But also we question how repe­ti­tions, wor­king accor­ding to the pre­de­fi­ned con­duct rein­for­ces hid­den orders of oppres­sion, vio­lence and eco­no­mic domi­nance. The eve­ry­day­ness con­si­sts of the com­plex, pre­do­mi­nant orga­ni­za­tio­nal stra­te­gies and the micro-​​tactics of survi­val, infil­tra­ting the cracks in the system.

Ella de Burca, I know my own, 2014


Wyspa Insti­tute of Art
July 11 /​ 7 pm
Admis­sion Free

Con­ti­nu­ing the deba­tes aro­und the notion of For­mer West and the com­plex impli­ca­tions of the poli­ti­cal and eco­no­mic shi­fts post-​​1989, the group show Other­wise aims to explore the geo­po­li­ti­cal meaning of the term West in the con­text of migra­tion and pre­ca­rity within post­in­du­strial socie­ties. Other­wise will inve­sti­gate this sense of limi­ta­tion and the restric­tions deri­ved from one’s geo­gra­phi­cal posi­tio­ning and the strug­gles one faces upon ente­ring the cycle of migra­tion. It will focus on the con­di­tions of con­tem­po­rary wor­kers and the rise of the pre­ca­riat in the con­text of histo­ri­cal chan­ges bro­ught about by the events of 1989 in order to reflect on the short-​​lived poten­tial of a com­mon world free from the hege­mony of any sys­tems; the once-​​imagined possi­bi­lity of things hap­pe­ning otherwise.


Use­ful Information

Alter­na­tiva 2010–2015 Orga­ni­zer: Wyspa Insti­tute of Art /​ Wyspa Pro­gress Foundation Doki 1 /​ 145 B 80–958 Gdańsk Young City (for­mer Gdańsk Shi­py­ard grounds) Ope­ning Hours: Tues­day – Sun­day 11 am – 7 pm Admis­sion Free Tram: Main Rail­way Sta­tion, stop Plac Soli­dar­no­ści: nr 8, 10 Bus: Jana z Kolna: nr 108, 112, 118, 120, 123, 151, 154, 167, 168, 175,   >


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Fol­lo­wing the 2010–2012 pilot pro­gram of the Alter­na­tiva Inter­na­tio­nal Visual Arts Festi­val, the pro­ject is now con­ti­nu­ing and in 2013 /​ 2014–2015 was set up by the fol­lo­wing team: Aneta Szy­lak (arti­stic direc­tor), Mary­sia Więckiewicz-​​Carroll (Other­wise), Béa­trice Josse (Eve­ry­day­ness) 


Artist: Elvin Flamingo



Other­wise: Ken­nedy Browne, Marta Fer­nan­dez Calvo, Ella de Burca, Jesse Jones, Seamus Nolan, Ela­ine Ray­nolds.  Eve­ry­day­ness: Chan­tal Aker­man, Helena Alme­ida, Ema­nu­elle Antille, Maria Teresa Alves, Patty Chang, Edith Dekyndt, Hard-​​Core, Bar­bara Gam­per, Marco Godinho, Ali­cja Kar­ska i Alek­san­dra Went, Ali­cia Fra­mis, Yona Fried­man, Elż­bieta Jabłoń­ska, Hiwa K, Kader Attia, Igor Krenz, Maria Laet, Len­dla­bor, Rebeen Hama­ra­fiq, Hono­rata Mar­tin, Anette Mes­sa­ger,  Jacek Nie­goda, Jean Chri­sto­phe Nor­man, Gianni Pet­tena, Ed Pien, Józef Roba­kow­ski, Mar­tha Rosler, Reada Sa’adeh, Ania Wit­kow­ska, Julita Wój­cik, Michał Zno­jek  and Oli­ver Res­sler, Hito Steyerl

Ana Pečar & Oliver Ressler, In the Red, HD film, 20 min., 2014

Oli­ver Ressler
– Poli­ti­cal Ima­gi­na­ries: Making the World Anew

Wyspa Insti­tute of Art is ple­ased to anno­unce the first Alter­na­tiva 2014 exhi­bi­tion, Poli­ti­cal Ima­gi­na­ries: Making the World Anew by Oli­ver Res­sler, ope­ning on April 29 at 7 p.m. The artist, who is based in Vienna and with whom Wyspa bon­ded with its inau­gu­ral show Health and Safety in 2004, is the key artist sha­ping our thin­king upon mat­ters of alter­na­tive forms of orga­ni­sa­tion of social, eco­no­mic and envi­ron­men­tal life. For Wyspa, fre­qu­en­tly wor­king with Res­sler, he is the artist who, by his stance, enga­ge­ment and mat­ters of con­cern, is the recur­ring point of refe­rence. How we can get orga­ni­sed? What is our rela­tion to power struc­tu­res? What are the eco­no­mic links and depen­den­cies? How, if at all, can these con­di­tions be tho­ught anew? Since the mid-​​1990s, Res­sler has tra­vel­led aro­und the world to rese­arch, work in the field, docu­ment and distri­bute alter­na­ti­ves to the main­stream models of com­mu­nal orga­ni­sa­tion and its eco­no­mies, modes of pro­test and envi­ron­men­tal issues.

mater pl

Mate­ria­lity book

The Mate­ria­lity antho­logy fol­lows the exhi­bi­tion and aims to widen and expand the edu­ca­tio­nal and research-​​related aspect of both this par­ti­cu­lar pro­ject and the Alter­na­tiva Festi­val as a whole. This publi­ca­tion offers diverse per­spec­ti­ves on both the object unto itself, the mate­rial con­text, as well as the social role of things.



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Ewa Partum’s monograph

The com­pre­hen­sive, 340-​​page volume con­si­sts of the broad and par­tly first-​​time publi­shed docu­men­ta­tion of Partum’s nearly half-​​century-​​long oeu­vre and con­ta­ins an upda­ted mono­gra­phic chro­nicle of the works and acti­vi­ties insi­ght­fully rese­ar­ched by Ange­lika Step­ken. The essay part con­si­sts of texts by Grze­gorz Dziam­ski, Dorota Mon­kie­wicz, Luiza Nader, Łukasz Ron­duda, Aneta Szy­łak, Ewa Mał­go­rzata Tatar and Andrzej Turowski.