Alternativa 2015

We at Alter­na­tiva are con­stan­tly seeking new paths for art and its social role. Each year, we under­take acti­vi­ties to streng­then the rela­tions between the local con­text, the pro­blems of the con­tem­po­rary world, the work of arti­sts and eve­ry­day cura­to­rial practice.


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Wyspa Insti­tute of Art
Tues­day -  Sun­day /​ 11.00 AM– 6.00 PM

With the exhi­bi­tion Stric­tly Digi­tal, HARD-​​CORE pushes seve­ral pro­po­si­tions for­ward that may change the chas­sis of exhibition-​​making as we know it. It takes inspi­ra­tion in the digi­tal tra­de­marks that reshape our envi­ron­ment, bor­ro­wing ele­ments from algo­ri­th­mic struc­tu­res, data­ba­ses, glo­bal con­nec­ti­vity and the flu­idi­fi­ca­tion of author­ship as a base for col­la­bo­ra­tive processes.

Stric­tly Digi­tal is an exhi­bi­tion that gathers mul­ti­ple works cre­ated col­la­bo­ra­ti­vely thro­ugh the multi-​​headed organ HARD-​​CORE.

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Alter­na­tiva 2015 Gar­den of Eve­ry­day Errors

Mon­day — Sun­day /​ 11.00 AM– 6.00 PM

Alter­na­tiva 2015 enta­ils and deve­lops ideas under­ta­ken for a two-​​year pro­ject Gar­den of Eve­ry­day Errors. The pro­ject fol­lows tacit know­ledge in the prac­tice of eve­ry­day life and in forms we tend to over­look. Our aim is to reverse this per­spec­tive. In this pro­ject the com­mon form pier­ces or con­su­mes the arti­stic one. We try to re-​​evaluate the ordi­nary and take it as a source of know­ledge that has rema­ined use­less since we han­ded our lives over to the experts. The pro­gram of the Inter­na­tio­nal Visual Arts Festi­val  Alter­na­tiva 2015  is made up of the major exhi­bit Ver­na­cu­la­rity, accom­pa­nied by a per­for­ma­tive pro­gramme, an exhi­bi­tion of the col­lec­tive Hard-​​Core, three book publi­ca­tions and a con­ti­nu­ation of Open Gar­den by Len­dla­bor which is fur­ther enri­ched by a par­ti­ci­pa­tory programme

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Open Gar­den

The pro­ject aims to deve­lop new appro­aches toward the con­flic­ting inte­re­sts in for­mer Gdańsk Shi­py­ard and to acti­vate the com­mu­nity. The pro­cess of buil­ding the Open Gar­den starts with seed plan­ting work­shops, enga­ging the local com­mu­nity and local actors in pre­pa­ring seedlings of edi­ble plants, which can later be harve­sted. In the next step, actual instal­la­tions of the open gar­den are con­struc­ted. This public fur­ni­ture can play dif­fe­rent roles: a table might not just be used as a table, but also as a kit­chen, a discus­sion table or a ten­nis table. The col­lec­ti­vely desi­gned and built instal­la­tions are not only inten­ded to change the per­cep­tion of the for­mer shi­py­ard area visu­ally, but also to cre­ate a new meeting place and pro­voke a new way of discus­sion. This could help foster change by fin­ding new modes of coope­ra­tion among all pro­jects figh­ting to keep the shi­py­ard in the col­lec­tive memory of the citi­zens in Gdańsk, as well as to deve­lop one vision for the future by taking action now.

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(Pol­ski) Otwarty Ogród — kalen­darz spotkań



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Ver­na­cu­la­rity: Sherko Abbas Abdl-​​razaq, Lida Abdul, Alice Aycock, Babi Bada­lov, Ismail Bahri, Ricardo Bas­baum, bersz­mi­siak, Olaf Brze­ski, Karo­lina Brzu­zan, Rafał Buj­now­ski, Ade­lita Husni Bey, Monica Bonvi­cini, Latifa Echa­khch, Harun Farocki, Esther Fer­rer, Anton Kats, Daphne Kera­mi­das, Anna Kró­li­kie­wicz, Julie Luzoir, Mał­go­rzata Mar­kie­wicz, Wen­de­lien van Olden­borgh, Agnieszka Pol­ska, Simon Pope, Kon­rad Pustoła, Tere Reca­rens, Maciej Sala­mon, Mierle Lader­man Uke­les, Flo­rian Zey­fang, Sylvie Réno. Hard­Core. Len­dla­bor Open Gar­den: Lisa Enzen­ho­fer & Anna Resch.



Fol­lo­wing the 2010–2012 pilot pro­gram of the Alter­na­tiva Inter­na­tio­nal Visual Arts Festi­val, the pro­ject is now con­ti­nu­ing in 2015 was set up by the fol­lo­wing team: Aneta Szy­lak (arti­stic direc­tor), Emily Pethick and Béa­trice Josse (Ver­na­cu­la­rity), Hard-​​Core and Len­dla­bor (own projects)



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Alter­na­tiva 2010–2015 Orga­ni­zer: Wyspa Insti­tute of Art /​ Wyspa Pro­gress Foundation Doki 1 /​ 145 B 80–958 Gdańsk Young City (for­mer Gdańsk Shi­py­ard grounds) Ope­ning Hours: Tues­day – Sun­day 11 am – 7 pm Admis­sion Free Tram: Main Rail­way Sta­tion, stop Plac Soli­dar­no­ści: nr 8, 10 Bus: Jana z Kolna: nr 108, 112, 118, 120, 123, 151, 154, 167, 168, 175,   >