Artists 2014


HARD-​​CORE is an Amster­dam and Lon­don based artist-​​magnet ope­ra­ting as a non-​​hierarchical and non-​​authoritarian orga­ni­za­tion. With regard to phi­lo­so­phi­cal and socio­po­li­ti­cal mat­ters, the organization’s goals are the attrac­tion of cri­ti­cal tho­ught and the faci­li­ta­tion of disco­urse in rela­tion to arti­stic prac­ti­ces. Since its foun­da­tion in spring 2011, HARD-​​CORE has been deve­lo­ping cura­to­rial methods which pro­ble­ma­tize aspects   >


Yona Fried­man

Born in 1923 in Buda­pest (HG). Lives and works in Paris. Fried­man began his stu­dies at the Buda­pest Insti­tute of Tech­no­logy in 1943 and con­ti­nued in 1945 in Haifa, until his gra­du­ation in 1948. His achie­ve­ments were made in the ter­ri­tory of Israel between 1949 and 1957. After atten­ding Paris for a decade, he moved there in 1957. He became French in 1966 and bought a stu­dio flat in Paris in 1968, where he still lives.


Raeda Sa’adeh

Raeda Sa’adeh — born in 1977 in Um El-​​Fahem (PS) . Lives and works in Jeru­sa­lem (IL). Pho­to­gra­pher, instal­la­tion and per­for­mance artist Raeda Saadeh was born in 1977 in Umm Al-​​Fahem, Pale­stine. She rece­ived her BFA and MFA from the Bez­a­lel Aca­demy of Arts and Design in Jeru­sa­lem, and spent one year as an exchange stu­dent at the   >


Lisa Enzen­ho­fer & Anna Resch (Lendlabor)

Len­dla­bor is a free col­lec­tive of two young archi­tects – Lisa Enzen­ho­fer and Anna Resch — based in Graz, Austria. Their pro­jects are focu­sing on urban plan­ning and rese­arch on public space and vacant buil­dings and spa­ces. In 2013 they deve­lo­ped an urban plan­ning tool for the city plan­ning depart­ment Graz to deal with vacancy, as   >



Hono­rata Mar­tin gra­du­ated from the Aca­demy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (the inter­me­dia annex). She uses many doma­ins of art, the star­ting point for her is the obse­rva­tion of deep expe­rience, in order to as she says build atmo­sphere. She is inte­re­sted in the intense emo­tions which accom­pany win­ning over one’s own limi­ta­tions and fears,   >


Igor Krenz

In mid 90s, to pro­mote, pre­sent, docu­ment and tech­no­lo­gi­cally sup­port video art, Igor Krenz esta­bli­shed an unof­fi­cial orga­ni­za­tion cal­led “ZF Kino”. He is also a co-​​founder of “Photo Service” and “Azorro” gro­ups. His works were pre­sen­ted in Cen­tre for Con­tem­po­rary Art and Raster Gal­lery in War­saw, GB Agency in Paris and Tate Modern in Lon­don. He   >



Jacek Nie­goda lives and works in Gdańsk. He stu­died at the Faculty Sculp­ture at the Gdańsk Aca­demy of Fine Arts. He has co-​​operated with Wyspa Gal­lery and the Open Ate­lier (now Łaź­nia Con­tem­po­rary Cen­tre of Art) in Gdańsk. He was a co-​​founder of the Cen­tral Bureau of Tech­no­lo­gi­cal Cul­ture (CUKT). Since 2000 he is co-​​working with artist   >


Ella de Burca

Ella de Burca’s cre­ative out­put focu­ses on sculp­tu­ral respon­ses to the the­mes of lan­gu­age, gra­vity, labour and per­for­mance.  Star­ting from a sub­jec­tive van­tage point, she works outwards to encom­pass local and glo­bal con­stel­la­tions of inter­pre­ta­tion and relevance. She works mainly with objects and poems, altho­ugh it sho­uld be sta­ted that she con­si­ders these poems to   >


Seamus Nolan

Seamus Nolan is an artist based in Dublin, recent work inc­lu­des ‘10th Pre­si­dent’ in the Tem­ple Bar Gal­lery and stu­dios, a pro­ject which pro­po­sed the Pre­si­dent of Ire­land tem­po­ra­rily hand over office, ‘New­to­pia, the state of human rights’ Meche­len Bel­gium, ‘The Tra­des Club Revi­val’ which saw the revi­val of the tra­di­tio­nal wor­king man’s club in Sligo.   >


Ela­ine Reynolds

In her work, Ela­ine Rey­nolds (b 1985) explo­res modes of pro­vi­sio­na­lity and poten­tia­lity, she draws out com­plex nar­ra­ti­ves aro­und networks of com­mu­ni­ca­tion and exchange. The move­ment of people, capi­tal and com­mo­di­ties are appro­ached via the fami­liar. Moments of col­lec­tive action, the monu­ment, and the defunct in archi­tec­ture are impor­tant touch­sto­nes in this pro­cess. Rey­nolds has   >


Ed Pien

Ed Pien — born 1958 Taipei, Taiwan. Pien is a Cana­dian artist based in Toronto. He has been dra­wing for nearly 30 years. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, he immi­gra­ted to Canada with his family at the age of ele­ven. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from York Uni­ver­sity in Toronto and Bache­lor of Fine Arts degree   >


Edith Dekyndt

Edith Dekyndt — born in 1960 in Ypres. Lives and works in Tour­nai. Lives and works in Tour­nai, Bel­gium and Stras­bo­urg, France where she inve­sti­ga­tes methods of per­cep­tion and phe­no­mena on the verge of the invi­si­ble, via instal­la­tions, video art, dra­wings and pho­to­gra­phy. Edith Dekyndt has held solo shows in nume­rous museums, insti­tu­tions, and gal­le­ries such   >


Chan­tal Akerman

Chan­tal Aker­man - born in 1950 in Brus­sels. Lives and works in Paris. Chan­tal Aker­man is a film­ma­ker whose work gives new meaning to the term “inde­pen­dent film”. Strong the­mes in her films inc­lude women at work and at home, women’s rela­tion­ships to men, women, and chil­dren, food, love, sex, romance, art, and sto­ry­tel­ling. She enrol­led in   >


Annette Mes­sa­ger

Anette Mes­sa­ger — born in 1943 in Berck-sur-Mer(FR) . Lives and works in Mala­koff (FR). Mes­sa­ger is known mainly for her instal­la­tion work which often incor­po­ra­tes pho­to­gra­phs, prints and dra­wings, and various mate­rials. Mes­sa­ger has exhi­bi­ted and publi­shed her work exten­si­vely. She is the part­ner of artist Chri­stian Bol­tan­ski. Mes­sa­ger atten­ded the École des Arts Déco­ra­tifs in Paris, France but   >



Ali­cia Fra­mis — born in 1967 in Bar­ce­lona (ES). Lives and works in Amster­dam. She stu­died in the Fine Arts School, Bar­ce­lona Uni­ver­sity and in Ecole de Beaux Arts, Paris. She also com­ple­ted a master in the Insti­tut d’Hautes Etu­des, Paris; and ano­ther one in the Rijk­sa­ka­de­mie Van Beelde Kun­stende, Amster­dam. After art school Ali­cia has lived   >



Mar­tha Rosler is an artist wor­king in mul­ti­ple media, inc­lu­ding pho­to­gra­phy, video, per­for­mance and instal­la­tion. Her work is often cen­te­red on the public sphere and land­sca­pes of eve­ry­day life–actual and virtual–especially as they affect women. Pro­jects have focu­sed on housing and archi­tec­ture, on the one hand, and sites of pas­sage and sys­tems of trans­por­ta­tion, on   >


Maria Laet

Maria Laet - born in 1982 in Rio de Jane­iro, lives and works in Rio de Jane­iro, Bra­zil. Her mul­ti­di­sci­pli­nary prac­tice is infor­med by a series actions resul­ting from sub­tle gestu­res and inte­rven­tions in public and dome­stic spa­ces. Mediums employed act as con­du­its and plat­forms for Laet’s pro­ces­ses, skins, which convey her inten­tions and reveal the act as   >


Kader Attia

Kader Attia — born in 1970. Cur­ren­tly lives and works in Ber­lin. Attia spent his chil­dhood between France and Alge­ria, gro­wing up in the cul­tu­ral mel­ting pot of the Paris neigh­bor­hood in which he lived, the Isla­mic Magh­reb and the world of the Alge­rian Sephar­dic Jews. The mul­ti­cul­tu­ral vision of Attia’s work is rooted in   >


Helena Alme­ida

Born in 1934 in Lis­bon. Lives and works in Lis­bon. Por­tu­gu­ese artist Helena Alme­ida infu­ses her work with ele­ments of pho­to­gra­phy, video, per­for­mance, sculp­ture, pain­ting, and dra­wing in order to question and explore the rela­tion­ship between artist and vie­wer. A core com­po­nent of Almeida’s arti­stic pro­cess is the use of her own body. The artist often models   >


Emma­nu­elle Antille

Ema­nu­elle Antille — born in 1972. Lives and works in Lau­sanne, Swit­zer­land. She is a pho­to­gra­pher, video direc­tor, video maker and wri­ter. She stu­died at the visual art school in Geneva and at the Rijk­sa­ka­de­mie van Beel­dende Kun­sten in Amster­dam. She was the artist of the Swiss Pavi­lion at the Venice Bien­nale in 2003. Win­ner of   >


Jesse Jones

Jesse Jones is a Dublin-​​based Irish artist. In her films and videos she explo­res histo­ri­cal gestu­res of com­mu­nal cul­ture which hold reso­nance in our cur­rent social and poli­ti­cal land­scape. Jones often employs Brech­tian the­atre tech­ni­ques of estran­ge­ment within her work to play out nar­ra­ti­ves of con­flic­ted or dys­to­pic com­mu­ni­ties. With a strong refe­rence to the history of   >



Ken­nedy Browne is the col­la­bo­ra­tive prac­tice and iden­tity of Gareth Ken­nedy and Sarah Browne. Ken­nedy Browne seeks to address the sup­po­se­dly eter­nal nar­ra­tive of neo­li­be­ral capi­ta­lism as a fic­tion, and to do so by gene­ra­ting Other, com­pe­ting fic­tions in order to cul­ti­vate new eco­no­mic and poli­ti­cal ima­gi­na­ries of dif­fe­rence. These fic­tions tend to be deve­lo­ped from   >


Marta Fer­nan­dez

Marta Fer­nán­dez Calvo was born in Logroño (Spain) and has been based in Dublin since 2009. Her work is invo­lved in the re-​​wording of built envi­ron­ments. This is done with a variety of methods, exter­nal to archi­tec­tu­ral and arti­stic tra­di­tions. The methods she employs are col­la­bo­ra­tive, and vary to suit each situ­ation. This enga­ge­ment and the   >



Bar­bara Gam­per is a visual artist and dance per­for­mer based in Lon­don (UK). She stu­died con­tem­po­rary dance per­for­mance in Ber­lin at ‘Die Etage – School for the Per­for­ming Arts’ under the direc­tion of Be van Vark. Bar­bara Gam­per gained her diploma in 2004 and fol­lo­wed up with a foun­da­tion course in Visual Com­mu­ni­ca­tion at the Uni­ver­sity of   >


Gianni Pet­tena

Gianni Pet­tena is an artist and art the­orist. He stu­died archi­tec­ture in Flo­rence where he became one of the chief repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of radi­cal archi­tec­ture — a move­ment esta­bli­shed in Italy in 1965, which deve­lo­ped thro­ugh 1975, spre­ading across Europe. Dri­ven by the desire to rethink archi­tec­ture in response to society, thro­ugh the use of arti­stic expe­ri­men­ta­tion   >


Józef Roba­kow­ski

Józef Roba­kow­ski born on 20 Febru­ary 1939 in Poznań. He gra­du­ated from Miko­łaj Koper­nik Uni­ver­sity in Toruń (Depart­ment of Fine Arts) and Film, Tele­vi­sion and The­atre State Aca­demy in Lodz (Camera Depart­ment). From 1970 to 1981 he was an aca­demy lec­tu­rer. A cre­ator of films, pho­to­gra­phic series, video tapes, instal­la­tions, dra­wings, objects, con­cep­tual pro­jects and ini­tia­tor of   >


Patty Chang

Patty Chang — born in 1972 in San Fran­ci­sco, Cali­for­nia. Lives and works in New York. Ori­gi­nally tra­ined as a pain­ter, she gra­du­ated with a BA from the Uni­ver­sity of Cali­for­nia at San Diego in 1994 and shor­tly after moved to New York, where she became invo­lved with the Per­for­mance scene. Her per­for­man­ces, recor­ded in short films, became   >


Hiwa K

Hiwa K — born in 1975, in Sulay­ma­niyah (Iraq). Hiwa K is a visual artist and musi­cian. He is tra­ined both as a pain­ter and as a fla­menco guitar player. His major arti­stic inte­re­sts focus on questions of event, per­for­ma­ti­vity, as well as on the figure of the artist as an ama­teur. Since 2005, he has been deve­lo­ping multi-​​media   >


Elż­bieta Jabłońska

Elż­bieta Jabłoń­ska made her debut in the 90s and belongs to the leading Polish newest art. She is enga­ged in pain­ting, dra­wing, print­ma­king, pho­to­gra­phy, instal­la­tion, per­for­mance art. She has pre­sen­ted her works in the most famous Polish and fore­ign gal­le­ries. Her works are inspi­red by eve­ry­day life, they are often focu­sed on hel­ping others. She   >


Julita Wój­cik

Julita Wój­cik is known as a chro­nic­ler of pro­vin­cial house­hold aesthe­tics. Refer­ring to eve­ry­day life, she blurs the bor­der between reality and art in her work. The artist’s works are colo­ur­ful and her effects are achie­ved by mini­mal means, such as Potato Peeling (2001) in a gal­lery or the reading of Strzemiński’s The­ory of Vision aloud to   >


Jean– Chri­sto­phe Norman

Jean– Chri­sto­phe Nor­man -  born in 1964. Lives and works in Besa­nçon, France. In his arti­stic prac­tice he exa­mi­nes notions of time, ter­ri­tory and copy­ing, taking the form of per­for­man­ces, wal­king, wri­ting, pho­to­gra­phs or dra­wings. Nor­man exhi­bits his works aro­und the world. His recent shows inc­lude: car­tes posta­les du Mont Fuji (Tokyo/​Besançon/​Marseille, 2013), Les mon­des   >


Ali­cja Kar­ska i Alek­san­dra Went

Ali­cja Kar­ska and Alek­san­dra Went are authors of instal­la­tions, pho­to­gra­phic series, art-​​books and artworks in the media of video and film. In their many works they explore the notion of memory and rec­la­iming the omit­ted and the for­got­ten for culture. They have wor­ked toge­ther since meeting as stu­dents of the Aca­demy of Fine Arts in   >


Rebeen Hama­ra­fiq

Rebeen Hama­ra­fiq is an artist wor­king with Dra­wing, per­for­mance, video, and dif­fe­rent mediums, questio­ning issues aro­und: body con­trol, social con­struc­tions, Urban deve­lop­ment and com­ple­xi­ties inside cul­ture. He par­ti­ci­pa­ted in many exhi­bi­tions locally and inter­na­tio­nally like: Show­room Lon­don. Fel­lows of Con­tem­po­rary art and MAK cen­ter Lose Ange­les. WYSPA Gdansk. Fer­daws Squ­are – Bagh­dad. 2005 Pro­ject Sulay­ma­nya. Exchange   >