Artists 2015

Kon­rad Pustoła

Kon­rad Pustoła (b. 1976) is a gra­du­ate of Uni­ver­sity of Warsaw?s Eco­no­mics Depart­ment (2003) and Royal Col­lege of Art in Lon­don (2008). His pro­jects cen­ter aro­und the exa­mi­na­tion of the visual aspects of social and eco­no­mic rela­tions. He won the First Prize of the Polish Press Photo Com­pe­ti­tion for his Sanna series (2001). He par­ti­ci­pa­ted in   >


Anna Kró­li­kie­wicz

Anna Kró­li­kie­wicz  — born in 1970. She obta­ined Master’s Degree at the Depart­ment of Pain­ting at the Aca­demy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk in 1993 and PhD Degree in 2000. At pre­sent, having obta­ined the title of asso­ciate pro­fes­sor in 2010, she runs the stu­dio of dra­wing at the Aca­demy in Gdańsk and teaches course   >


Harun Farocki

Harun Farocki — born in 1944, died in 2014. In 1966–1968 he stu­died at Ber­lin Film Aca­demy. In 1974–1984 he was an author and edi­tor of of the maga­zine Film­kri­tik. In 1993 – 1999 he was a visi­ting pro­fes­sor at the Uni­ver­sity of Cali­for­nia, Ber­ke­ley. Since 1966 Farocki pro­du­ced more than 100 pro­duc­tions for tele­vi­sion or   >


Ismail Bahri

Ismail Bahri — lives and works between Paris, Lyon and Tunis. He is repre­sen­ted by Les Fil­les du Calva­ire Gal­lery, Paris and in resi­dence in the Fabri­que Phan­tom. Ismaïl Bahri stu­died art in Paris and in Tunis, his home­town. Ismaïl Bahri’s work has been pre­sen­ted at the Cen­tre Geo­r­ges Pom­pi­dou (Paris), the Col­lège des Ber­nar­dins   >


Julie Luzoir

Julie Luzoir -  born in 1986, Julie Luzoir first pas­sions was the­ater, lite­ra­ture and medie­val history. After achie­ving a good level of edu­ca­tion in a lite­rary pre­pa­ra­tory class to selec­tive post­gra­du­ate scho­ols, she joined the Fine Art School in Metz, France. She gra­tu­ated a Design diploma with hono­urs in 2012 and star­ted a career as fre­elance desi­gner with her   >


Ricardo Bas­baum

Ricardo Bas­baum — born in São Paulo, Bra­zil in 1961. Artist and wri­ter, lives and works in Rio de Jane­iro. Inve­sti­ga­tes art as an inter­me­dia­ting device and plat­form for the arti­cu­la­tion between sen­so­rial expe­rience, socia­bi­lity and lan­gu­age. Since the late 1980s, has been nur­tu­ring a voca­bu­lary spe­ci­fic to his work, apply­ing it in a par­ti­cu­lar way to   >


Sherko Abbas Abdl-​​razaq

Sherko Abbas Abdl-​​razaq - born in 1978, in Sulay­ma­niyah, Iraq. Sherko Abbas is a Kurdish-​​Iraqi. He stu­died Fine Art in Sula­imany, and is cur­ren­tly stu­dy­ing on the MFA Fine Art at Gold­smi­ths, Uni­ver­sity of Lon­don. Sherko works with video, pho­to­gra­phy, text and mixed media. He took part in the exhi­bi­tion Estran­ge­ment at The Show­room in 2010, where   >


Sylvie Réno

Sylvie Réno — lives and works in Mar­se­il­les, France. She has reali­zed pro­jects in various cities such as New York, Ber­lin, Van­co­uver, La Havana, Peking as well as San­tiago del Chili, Kosice, Vienne and Rotterdam.


Simon Pope

Simon Pope - born in 1966 in Exe­ter, UK. His recent work is pre­oc­cu­pied with par­ti­ci­pa­tory art’s enga­ge­ment with non­hu­man things and the for­ma­tion of more-​​than-​​human com­mu­ni­ties or publics. These con­cepts form the basis of Pope’s cur­rent docto­ral study at the Ruskin School of Art, Uni­ver­sity of Oxford. For­merly a mem­ber of the Net.Art group I/​O/​D, Pope   >


Olaf Brze­ski

Olaf Brze­ski — born in 1975 in Wroc­law. In 1995 he gra­du­ated from the Faculty of Archi­tec­ture at Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­sity in Wroc­law. In 2000 he rece­ived a diploma at the Faculty of Sculp­ture at the Wroc­law Aca­demy of Art and Design. Olaf Brze­ski lives and works in Wroc­law. It is with a remar­ka­ble sense of ima­gi­na­tion that Olaf   >


Mał­go­rzata Markiewicz

Mał­go­rzata Mar­kie­wicz - born in 1979. MA and PhD stu­dent at Aca­demy of Fine Arts in Cra­cow, Depart­ment of Sculp­ture. Stu­dent at Kon­st­fact, Stoc­kholm. Mar­kie­wicz rece­ived a scho­lar­ship form Mini­ster of Cul­ture and Natio­nal Heri­tage (2004, 2011). She has been a resi­dent at Lon­don Sum­mer Inten­sive, Lon­don, 2015; CRIR, Chri­stia­nia, Kopen­ha­gen, 2014; Bot­kyrka Resi­dence, Tumba, Swe­den, 2013; Fac­tory for   >


Maciej Sala­mon

Maciej Sala­mon  — born in 1984 in Gdańsk/​Poland.  Visual artist, free lance gra­phic desi-​​gner, ilu­stra­tor, foun­der, voca­list and text– wri­ter of Gówno band (first polish rodeo punk rock band). Cre­ator of ani­ma­ted films and music videos. Win­ner of a few pri­zes in this field such as: Nor­ther­na­wa­ves (Ice­land), Stran­ger Award (Amster­dam), Con Can (Tokio). Mem­ber of Kre­cha   >


Alice Aycock

Alice Aycock — born in Har­ris­burg, PA. She rece­ived a B.A. from Douglass Col­lege and an M.A.  from Hun­ter Col­lege. She was repre­sen­ted by the John Weber Gal­lery in New York City from 1976 thro­ugh 2001 and has exhi­bi­ted in major museums and gal­le­ries natio­nally as well as Europe and Japan. Cur­ren­tly she is repre­sen­ted by   >


Anton Kats

Anton Kats  — an artist, musi­cian and dan­cer born in Ukra­ine and based in Lon­don. He has been prac­ti­cing across disci­pli­nes as an artist and edu­ca­tor in Ukra­ine, Rus­sia, Ber­lin, Lon­don and Jama­ica, among others. His prac­tice addres­ses insti­tu­tion as depo­si­tory of know­ledge. Thro­ugh his pro­jects he tries to reveal the prag­ma­tics of lear­ning thro­ugh   >


Daphne Kera­mi­das

Daphne Kera­mi­das — Based in Colo­gne, Ger­many, the French and Greek visual artist stu­died sculp­ture at the Aca­demy of Fine Arts of Athens and visual arts at the Aca­demy of Media Arts of Colo­gne. Nomi­na­ted for the Kun­st­ge­ne­ra­tor resi­dency in 2010 and for the Peter Mer­tes Scho­lar­ship of the Bon­ner Kun­stve­rein in 2012, she was fina­list at the   >


Flo­rian Zeyfang

Flo­rian Zey­fang — An artist based in Ber­lin. He works with mul­ti­ple media, inc­lu­ding pho­to­gra­phy, video, and instal­la­tion, and is con­cer­ned with the rela­tions between poli­tics and form. His inte­rest in expe­ri­men­tal film, tech­no­logy, and con­cep­tual art has resul­ted in exhi­bi­tions such as his solo show Steine/​Stones at Kün­stler­haus Stut­t­gart, 2012, and Slow Nar­ra­tion Moving   >


Agnieszka Pol­ska

Agnieszka Pol­ska - born in 1985 in Lublin. Pol­ska works with film and pho­to­gra­phy. She stu­died at Aca­demy of Fine Arts in Cra­cow in Agata Pankiewicz’s ate­lier and at Uni­ver­si­taet der Kun­ste Ber­lin in Hito Steyerl’s ate­lier. Agnieszka Pol­ska curate many solo exhi­bi­tions inc­lu­ding I am the Mouth, Not­tin­gham Con­tem­po­rary, 2014; Pseu­do­words Hazards, Salt­zbur­ger Kun­stve­rein, 2013; How   >


Babi Bada­lov

Babi Bada­lov — born in 1959 in Lerik, Azer­ba­ijan. Lives and works in Paris. Bada­lov gra­du­ated from Natio­nal School of Fine Arts A. Azim­zade (Baku) in 1978 r. His works have been exhi­bi­ted in solo shows all over Europe inc­lu­ding Easte­ria (with Niko­lay Oley­ni­kov), Gandy Gal­lery Bra­ti­slava, 2014; PORTO–ПOPTO, A Cer­tain Lack of Cohe­rence, Porto, 2013; I Am   >



Hard-​​Core — an Amster­dam and London-​​based artist-​​magnet ope­ra­ting as non-​​hierarchical and non-​​authoritarian orga­ni­za­tion. With regard to phi­lo­so­phi­cal and socio­po­li­ti­cal mat­ters, the organization’s goals are the attrac­tion of cri­ti­cal tho­ught and the faci­li­ta­tion of disco­urse in rela­tion to arti­stic prac­ti­ses. Since its foun­da­tion in spring 2011, Hard-​​Core has been deve­lo­ping cura­to­rial methods which pro­ble­ma­tize aspects of   >



LEN­DLA­BOR — a free col­lec­tive of two young archi­tects — Lisa Enzen­ho­fer and Anna Resch — based in Graz, Austria. Their pro­jects focus on urban plan­ning and rese­arch regar­ding public spa­ces and vacant buil­dings and spa­ces. In 2013 they deve­lo­ped an urban plan­ning tool for the city plan­ning depart­ment of Graz to deal with vacancy, and   >


Tere Reca­rens

Tere Reca­rens — born in 1967 in Bar­ce­lona, Spain. Works and lives in Ber­lin. Dra­wings and plays on words are tools that allo­wed her to gain access to new coun­tries and cul­tu­res. Her solo exhi­bi­tions inc­lude Le fleuve suit sont cours in Gale­ria Anne Bar­rault, Paris (2011), Myhrr in Fun­da­ció Joan Miró, Bar­ce­lona (2009), Maa tere   >


Wen­de­lien van Oldenborgh

Wen­de­lien van Olden­borgh deve­lops works, whe­reby the cine­ma­tic for­mat is used as a metho­do­logy for pro­duc­tion and as the basic lan­gu­age for various forms of pre­sen­ta­tion. She often uses the for­mat of a public film shoot, col­la­bo­ra­ting with par­ti­ci­pants in dif­fe­rent sce­na­rios, to co-​​produce a script and orien­tate the work towards its final out­come. With these works, which   >


Lida Abdul

Lida Abdul  — born in Kabul, Afgha­ni­stan in 1973, and resi­des there now. Abdul lived in Ger­many and India as a refu­gee after she was for­ced to leave Afgha­ni­stan after the former-​​Soviet inva­sion. Her work fuses the tro­pes of ‘Western” for­ma­lism with the nume­rous aesthe­tic traditions–Islamic, Bud­dhist, Hindu, pagan and nomadic–that col­lec­ti­vely influ­en­ced Afghan art and   >


Mierle Lader­man Ukeles

Lader­man Uke­les Mierle — born in 1939, Denver, Colo­rado. Lives and works in New York. Uke­les is an artist known for her femi­nist and service-​​oriented artwork. Uke­les stu­died history and inter­na­tio­nal stu­dies at Ber­nard Col­lege and later began her arti­stic tra­ining at the Pratt Insti­tute in New York. In 1969 she wrote a mani­fe­sto enti­tled Main­te­nance   >


Latifa Echa­khch

Latifa Echa­khch — visual artist born in 1974 in El Khnansa in Marocco. Lives and works in Paris and Mar­ti­gny (Swit­zer­land). She is exhi­bi­ted widely in Europe and USA. She had her solo exhi­bi­tions in Museum Haus Kon­struk­tiv (Zürich, 2015), Cen­tre Pom­pi­dou (Paris, 2014), Ham­mer Museum (Los Ange­les, 2013), MACBA (Bar­ce­lona, 2010), Tate Modern (Lon­don, 2008)   >


Rafał Buj­now­ski

Rafał Buj­now­ski — born in 1974 in Wado­wice; works and lives in Cra­cow. Buj­now­ski is asso­cia­ted with Raster Gal­lery. In 1993–95 he stu­died archi­tec­ture at Poli­tech­nika in Cra­cow. He gra­du­ated Gra­phics at Aca­demy of Fine Arts in Cra­cow in 2000. In 1995–2001 he was a mem­ber of arti­stic group Słynna Grupa Ład­nie (Famous Group Nicely) and edi­ted   >


Ade­lita Husni Bey

Ade­lita Husni Bey  — born in 1985. Artist and rese­ar­cher. Ade­lita has stu­died Fine Art at Chel­sea School of Arts and Pho­to­gra­phy & Socio­logy at Gold­smi­ths Uni­ver­sity. Her cur­rent rese­arch invo­lves auto­nomy, micro-​​utopias, pirate-​​utopias, the land issue, col­lec­tive memory, dis­sent and con­trol, anar­chist peda­gogy and free-schools.She is wor­king on a Par­ti­ci­pa­tory Action Rese­arch, con­si­sting in mind­maps,   >


Monica Bonvi­cini

Monica Bonvi­cini — born in 1965. Bonvi­cini is an Ita­lian sculp­tor, pho­to­gra­pher, video artist and uni­ver­sity pro­fes­sor, active in Italy, Ger­many, and the Uni­ted Sta­tes. Bonvi­cini was born in Venice and stu­died at the Hoch­schule der Kün­ste in Ber­lin and at the Cali­for­nia Insti­tute of the Arts in Valen­cia. Her work has been featu­red in   >


Karo­lina Brzuzan

Karo­lina Brzu­zan — born in 1983; lives and works in War­saw, Poland. Works by Karo­lina Brzu­zan are focu­sed on poli­ti­cal issues of today’s man exi­stence. Her works are very socially sen­si­tive, without beco­ming a typi­cal socially-​​related art. Pro­blems rooted in gene­ral human con­di­tion are being trans­la­ted in her work, recon­te­xtu­ali­sed and put in the fra­me­work of   >


Tomasz Bersz

Tomasz Bersz — born in War­saw in 1979. He deals with book design, visual iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and making websi­tes,  mostly for the insti­tu­tions of cul­ture and NGOs. He is a gra­du­ate from the indi­vi­dual course of stu­dies at the Inter-​​Faculty Depart­ment for Huma­ni­ties at the Uni­ver­sity of War­saw and Gra­phic  Design at the Aca­demy of Fine Arts   >


Marian Misiak

Marian Misiak — born in Ostrava in 1981. Gra­phic desi­gner, typo­gra­pher and publi­cist. He gra­du­ated from socio­logy stu­dies at the Uni­ver­sity of War­saw and the design of type­sets, type­face desing at the Depart­ment of  Typo­gra­phy and Gra­phic Com­mu­ni­ca­tion of the Uni­ver­sity of Reading (Great Bri­tain). He mostly works for the insti­tu­tions of cul­ture. She deals   >


Esther Fer­rer

Esther Fer­rer — born in San Seba­stián, Basque Coun­try in 1937. Fer­rer is a Spa­nish inter­di­sci­pli­nary artist and per­for­mer. She is regar­ded as one of the major Spa­nish arti­sts of her gene­ra­tion. In 1966, Esther Fer­rer joined Wal­ter Mar­chetti and Juan Hidalgo in the Spa­nish per­for­mance art and con­tem­po­rary music group Zaj, famous for its radi­cal   >