Artists 2016

Anna Baum­gart

Born in 1966, Wro­cław, Poland. She is a post-​​conceptual artist, direc­tor and stage desi­gner. She rece­ived the award for out­stan­ding debut from the Mar­shal of Pomor­skie Voivo­de­ship in 1995. She has rece­ived the scho­lar­ship of the Mini­stry of Cul­ture and Natio­nal Heri­tage a num­ber of times. She exhi­bi­ted in: Bro­oklyn Museum of Art, Kun­stwerke Ber­lin, Museum on   >


Ursula Bie­mann

Born in 1955, Zurich. Lives and works in Zurich. She is an artist, wri­ter, and video essay­ist. Bie­mann inve­sti­ga­tes glo­bal rela­tions under the impact of the acce­le­ra­ted mobi­lity of people, reso­ur­ces and infor­ma­tion. In her ear­lier art and cura­to­rial work she made ‘space’ and ‘migra­tion’ her prime cate­go­ries of ana­ly­sis, e.g. in Sahara Chro­nicle (2006−2009)   >


Karo­lina Breguła

  Born in 1979. Lives and works in War­saw. She works with instal­la­tion, hap­pe­ning, film and pho­to­gra­phy. Gra­du­ated form the Natio­nal Film Tele­vi­sion and The­atre School in Łódź, Poland. Bre­guła has per­for­med and exhi­bi­ted in major natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal art insti­tu­tions such as the 55th Venice Bien­nial, Jewish Museum in New York, Natio­nal Museum in War­saw and Zachęta Nato­nal Gal­lery   >


Karo­lina Brzuzan

born in 1983, Rze­szów. Lives and works in War­saw. Works by Karo­lina Brzu­zan are focu­sed on poli­ti­cal issues of today’s man exi­stence. Her works are very socially sen­si­tive, without beco­ming a typi­cal socially enga­ged art. Pro­blems rooted in gene­ral human con­di­tion are being trans­la­ted in her work, recon­te­xtu­ali­sed and put in the fra­me­work of arti­stic field.   >


Ella de Burca

Born in 1986, Dublin. Lives and works in Brus­sels. Gra­du­ated from the Natio­nal Col­lege of Art and Design in Dublin. She par­ti­ci­pa­ted in nume­rous inter­na­tio­nal shows such as: 2013 The Emer­gency Pavi­lion, The 55th Venice Bien­nale, 2013 The 5th Moscow Bien­nale, 2013 Vienna Art Fair, 2011 Dublin Con­tem­po­rary, 2011 Out on a Boat Were a Group of   >


Gabriella Cso­szó

Born in 1969. Lives and works in Buda­pest. Cso­szó is an artist, pho­to­gra­pher, teacher and acti­vist based in Buda­pest. Her work exa­mi­nes the history of recent past, ana­ly­sing the role of radio and archi­ves in demo­cracy. As a pho­to­gra­pher, she has been docu­men­ting impor­tant events of the Hun­ga­rian oppo­si­tion since 2011. Her blog Free Doc (www​.fre​edoc​-gabriel​lac​so​szo​.blog​spot​.com)   >


Daniel Dres­sel

Born in 1986, Hof, Ger­many. Hof, loca­ted near the Czech bor­der, used to be the last train stop before the Iron Cur­tain. Until 2013 he stu­died Fine Art at Rie­tveld Aca­de­mie in Amster­dam. In Sep­tem­ber 2016 he will finish his MFA at Gold­smi­ths Uni­ver­sity in Lon­don, for which the Ger­man DAAD awar­ded him a scho­lar­ship. Dressel’s   >


IM Heung-​​soon

Born in 1969, South Korea. Lives and works in Seoul. He is a visual artist and a cinema direc­tor.  Since his early works on his working-​​class family, he has explo­red the lives of people who are mar­gi­na­li­sed in social, poli­ti­cal, capi­ta­list and natio­nal con­te­xts. His poli­ti­cal yet emo­tio­nal works are embo­died thro­ugh dif­fe­rent visual mediums such as   >


Zuzanna Janin

Born in 1961, Poland. Lives and works in War­saw. She works in sculp­ture, video, per­for­mance and pho­to­gra­phy. The main sub­ject of her work is to visu­alise this hard to grasp phe­no­me­non of the “between”. The artist digs in her memory for frag­ments of her bio­gra­phy and trans­forms it, making it uni­ver­sal by cla­shing it with   >


Ingela Johans­son

Born in 1970 in Karl­stad, Swe­den. Lives and works in Stoc­kholm.  Johansson’s research-​​based arti­stic prac­tice often responds to site-​​specific issues with an inte­rest in social history and col­lec­tive memory. Her inter­di­sci­pli­nary appro­ach com­bi­nes various aesthe­tic stra­te­gies and media to cre­ate an enga­ging body of work. She questions the artist’s role as a cata­lyst and faci­li­ta­tor while her   >


Sven Johne

Born in 1976, Ber­gen, Rügen Island, Ger­many.  Lives and works in Ber­lin. In his works Johne often mer­ges fic­tion and reality in order to exa­mine sen­si­tive and con­tra­dic­tory histo­ri­cal questions. His works have been exhi­bi­ted in nume­rous natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal art insti­tu­tions inc­lu­ding: De Appel Foun­da­tion, Amster­dam; Witte de With, Rot­ter­dam; Kal­mar Kon­st­mu­seum, Swe­den; the   >


Hiwa K

Born in 1975 in Kur­di­stan, Iraq. Lives and works in Ber­lin. He has exhi­bi­ted his work in nume­rous pre­sti­gious museums and insti­tu­tions inter­na­tio­nally, inc­lu­ding: MUSAC  Museum of Con­tem­po­rary Art, Castilla/​León, Spain; Ser­pen­tine Gal­lery, Lon­don, UK; La Trien­nale, Paris; Wyspa Insti­tute of Art, Gdańsk, Poland; Manifesta7, Bol­zano, Italy; Marian Good­man Gal­lery, Italy; New Museum, New York and   >


Anton Kats

Artist, musi­cian and dan­cer born in Ukra­ine and now based in Lon­don. He has been prac­ti­cing across disci­pli­nes as an artist and edu­ca­tor in Ukra­ine, Rus­sia, Ber­lin, Lon­don and Jama­ica, among others. His prac­tice addres­ses insti­tu­tion as depo­si­tory of know­ledge. Thro­ugh his pro­jects he tries to reveal the prag­ma­tics of lear­ning thro­ugh eve­ry­day doings. For   >


Anna Kró­li­kie­wicz

Born in 1970, Gdańsk. Lives and works in Tri­city (Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdy­nia). Devo­ted to monu­men­tal dra­wing and instal­la­tion, she some­ti­mes also wri­tes. Kró­li­kie­wicz is inte­re­sted in widely under­stood phy­si­cal aspect of a human being and fra­gi­lity of memory. Her latest works touch on phy­sio­logy of taste, syne­sthe­sia and multi-​​sensuality. She holds an MA from Gdańsk Aca­demy   >


Hono­rata Martin

Born in 1984, Gdańsk. Lives and works in Gdańsk.  She gra­du­ated from the Aca­demy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk with a minor in inter­me­dia art. She uses many mediums. Her star­ting point is the obse­rva­tion of deep expe­rience, which ena­bles her – as she descri­bes — to build atmo­sphere. She is inte­re­sted in the intense emo­tions   >


Ekta Mit­tal

Lives in Ban­ga­lore, India. She is the co-​​founder of Maraa, media and arts col­lec­tive in Ban­ga­lore (www​.maraa​.in). She works clo­sely with a com­mu­nity radio and cre­ative prac­ti­ces in public spa­ces as a rese­ar­cher and faci­li­ta­tor. Mit­tal also works as a cura­tor and film maker. She has been wor­king on films aro­und labour and migra­tion since 2009. Her cur­rent   >


Roz­h­gar Mustafa

Born in, Sulay­ma­niyah, Iraqi Kur­di­stan. Lives and works in Sulay­ma­niyah. She works with dif­fe­rent media inc­lu­ding instal­la­tion, sculp­ture, pho­to­gra­phy, video and per­for­mance. Her works deal with questions of tem­po­ra­lity, trans­for­ma­tion, gen­der iden­tity, memory, trauma and fear. Mustafa tra­ined at the Col­lege of Fine Arts, Sulay­ma­niyah, before com­ple­ting an MFA at the Uni­ver­sity of the Arts,   >


Hanna Nowicka

Born in 1962 in Szcze­cin. She cre­ates instal­la­tions, objects, pho­tos, videos, pain­tings. Her works are in the col­lec­tion of: Natio­nal Museum in Gdańsk, Zachęta Sztuki Współ­cze­snej in Szcze­cin, Signum Foun­da­tion, pri­vate col­lec­tions in Ger­many, Den­mark, France and USA. She is the Master of Fine Arts Aca­demy in Gdańsk. Since 2013 a pro­fes­sor of Art Aca­demy in Szcze­cin,   >


Salam Atta Sabri

Born in 1953, Iraq. Lives and works in Bagh­dad. Salam Atta Sabri is a lec­tu­rer at the Folk­lo­ric Art Insti­tute in Bagh­dad. From 2010 to 2015 he was the direc­tor of the Natio­nal Museum of Modern Art in Bagh­dad, which lost 75% of its col­lec­tion to looters in 2003. In 2005 Atta Sabri retur­ned to Bagh­dad,   >


Kata­rina Sević and Teh­nica Schweiz (Ger­gely Laszló & Péter Rakosi)

Kata­rina Šević was born in 1979, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia/​Serbia. Lives and works in Buda­pest. She explo­res a range of sub­jects loca­ted at the inter­sec­tion of art, design and society, questio­ning nor­ma­tive histo­ri­cal nar­ra­ti­ves. Her work is often for­mu­la­ted and pre­sen­ted thro­ugh a series of objects, rela­ted per­for­ma­tive situ­ations and events, which regu­larly invo­lve text and nar­ra­tion. She   >


Annee Olo­fs­son

Born 1966 in Häs­sle­holm, Swe­den. Lives and works in Stoc­kholm. Olo­fs­son works pri­ma­rily with ana­log pho­to­gra­phy and video, occa­sio­nally sculp­ture. Her work has a pene­tra­ting quality and direc­tly com­ments on the ten­sion between deta­ched­ness and affi­nity, time and aging. She repe­ate­dly returns to her own body as an unre­stric­ted arti­stic tool. She stu­died at Kon­sthög­sko­lan in Oslo   >


Lívia Paldi

Lívia Páldi is a cura­tor who cur­ren­tly works between Buda­pest and Swe­den. Between 2012 and 2015 she was the direc­tor of BAC – Bal­tic Art Cen­ter, Visby, Swe­den and pre­vio­usly, she wor­ked as cura­tor and chief cura­tor at the Műc­sar­nok /​Kunsthalle Buda­pest between 2005 and 2011. She has orga­ni­zed nume­rous exhi­bi­tions and edi­ted seve­ral exhi­bi­tion cata­lo­gues   >


Agnieszka Pol­ska

Born in 1985, Lublin, Poland. Lives and works in Ber­lin and War­saw. She works with film, ani­ma­tion and video instal­la­tion.  Stu­died at the Aca­demy of Fine Arts in Kra­kow and the Uni­ver­si­taet der Kun­ste Ber­lin. Her work has been exhi­bi­ted inter­na­tio­nally, inc­lu­ding solo shows: 2014 I Am the Mouth, Not­tin­gham Con­tem­po­rary, Uni­ted King­dom; 2013 Pseu­do­word Hazards,   >


Domi­nika Skutnik

Born in 1971 in Gdańsk. She lives and works in Gdańsk. Altho­ugh edu­ca­ted as a pain­ter, she stop­ped pain­ting a long time ago. She recen­tly has been mostly enga­ged with instal­la­tion, gra­sping the moment of balance between oppo­sing for­ces. Skut­nik is inte­re­sted in the energy exchange between the work and the vie­wer and a direct (in con­trast to meta­pho­ri­cal   >


Mariusz Tar­ka­wian

Born in 1983 in Łukowo, Poland. Lives and works in War­saw. He has gra­du­ated from Arts Depart­ment of UMCS in Lublin. He mainly draws, taking his inspi­ra­tion from art — past, pre­sent and future. Tarkawian’s dra­wings feature selec­ted objects and phe­no­mena, as well as social and poli­ti­cal events. He cre­ates serie­ses con­si­sting of tho­usands of dra­wings   >


Milica Tomić

Born in 1960, Bel­grade. Tomić is an artist and the Head of Insti­tute for Con­tem­po­rary Art at the TU Graz, Austria. As the artist she explo­res dif­fe­rent gen­res, methods and prac­ti­ces that focus on inve­sti­ga­ting, une­ar­thing and brin­ging to the public debate issues rela­ted to poli­ti­cal vio­lence, eco­no­mic under­pin­nings and social amne­sia, with par­ti­cu­lar atten­tion to   >


Mariusz Waras

Born in 1978 in Gdy­nia, Poland. He is a street artist, gra­phic desi­gner and illu­stra­tor who use sten­cils. He builds art instal­la­tions, cura­tes exhi­bi­tions and tra­vels the world. He is the author of the m-​​city pro­ject that encom­pas­ses hun­dreds of murals. His works have been featu­red in the num­ber of group and solo exhi­bi­tions in Poland and   >