Curators 2015


Béa­trice Josse  — born in Paris in 1965; stu­died art history and law. Josse has been the direc­tor of FRAC Lor­ra­ine Metz (Regio­nal Funds for Con­tem­po­rary Art in Metz) since 1993. Despite not having an exhi­bi­tion space of her own until until 2004, she mana­ged to ini­tiate various pro­jects in public spa­ces and star­ted nume­rous   >

Aneta S

Aneta Szy­łak

Aneta Szy­łak - foun­der and first direc­tor of Wyspa Art Insti­tute (2004−2014) and Cen­ter for Con­tem­po­rary Art Łaź­nia (1998−2001); cur­ren­tly, pre­si­dent and arti­stic direc­tor of Alter­na­tiva Foun­da­tion and director’s ple­ni­po­ten­tiary for esta­bli­shing Museum of Modern Art in Natio­nal Museum in Gdańsk. Aneta Szy­łak is an author and arti­stic direc­tor of Inter­na­tio­nal Festi­val of Visual Arts Alter­na­tiva.   >


Emily Pethick

Emily Pethick — cura­tor and direc­tor of The Show­room, Lon­don, since 2008. From 2005–2008 she was the direc­tor of Casco, Office for Art, Design and The­ory, in Utrecht, The Nether­lands. From 2003–2004 she was cura­tor at Cubitt, Lon­don. At The Show­room she has pro­du­ced nume­rous new com­mis­sions inc­lu­ding with The Oto­lith Group (2009), Law­rence Abu   >



Hard-​​Core — an Amster­dam and London-​​based artist-​​magnet ope­ra­ting as non-​​hierarchical and non-​​authoritarian orga­ni­za­tion. With regard to phi­lo­so­phi­cal and socio­po­li­ti­cal mat­ters, the organization’s goals are the attrac­tion of cri­ti­cal tho­ught and the faci­li­ta­tion of disco­urse in rela­tion to arti­stic prac­ti­ses. Since its foun­da­tion in spring 2011, Hard-​​Core has been deve­lo­ping cura­to­rial methods which pro­ble­ma­tize aspects of   >



LEN­DLA­BOR — a free col­lec­tive of two young archi­tects — Lisa Enzen­ho­fer and Anna Resch — based in Graz, Austria. Their pro­jects focus on urban plan­ning and rese­arch regar­ding public spa­ces and vacant buil­dings and spa­ces. In 2013 they deve­lo­ped an urban plan­ning tool for the city plan­ning depart­ment of Graz to deal with vacancy, and   >