Accompanying Program

Vir­tual Eco­no­mic Zone /​ Alter­na­tiva at St. Dominic’s Fair

Gdańsk 5 — 11 August 2013

The Vir­tual Eco­no­mic Zone is the zone of eco­no­mic ima­gi­na­tion – a live appen­dix of Alter­na­tiva at St. Dominic’s Fair. the Fair itself is an annual festi­val of street ven­dors, an attrac­tion which dri­ves hun­dreds of touri­sts to down­town Gdańsk. VEZ finds its loca­tion in the midst of this lar­gest city fair in the Bal­tic region, trans­for­ming it from the inside in accor­dance with the prin­ci­ples of vir­tual eco­nomy. We are not going to sell leather goods and acces­so­ries, old clocks, dauby seasca­pes, and amber goods. In our Kiosk, a group of Polish and inter­na­tio­nal arti­sts will indulge in the expe­ri­ments with various forms of non-​​commercial exchange, an ima­gi­nary eco­nomy, iffy trade, and topsy-​​turvy cal­cu­la­tions. Con­trary to spe­cial eco­no­mic zones, VEZ does not fol­low the sanc­ti­fied pre­cepts of maxi­mi­zing pro­fits and (seemin­gly) ratio­nal cal­cu­la­tion. VEZ is a tem­po­rary cen­tre of an arti­stic game with the reve­la­tions of eco­no­mic guide­li­nes, tre­spas­sing the limits of eco­no­mic imagination.