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Mate­ria­lity book

The Mate­ria­lity antho­logy fol­lows the exhi­bi­tion and aims to widen and expand the edu­ca­tio­nal and research-​​related aspect of both this par­ti­cu­lar pro­ject and the Alter­na­tiva Festi­val as a whole. This publi­ca­tion offers diverse per­spec­ti­ves on both the object unto itself, the mate­rial con­text, as well as the social role of things.



This book is a spi­noff of the Estran­ge­ment exhi­bi­tion that took place at the Wyspa Insti­tute of Art in Gdansk, Poland, in May – Sep­tem­ber 2011. The exhi­bi­tion is, in turn, an off-​​shoot of the epo­ny­mous art pro­ject that deve­lo­ped since 2008, brid­ging Eastern and Western Europe and Iraqi Kur­di­stan. Polish cura­tor, Aneta Szy­łak and Kur­dish artist, Hiwa K, are the ini­tia­tors of this endeavour. (…)


Labour and Leisure

Labour and Leisure is the first in the series of Alter­na­tiva. Antho­logy publi­ca­tions, accom­pa­ny­ing the exhi­bi­tions orga­ni­sed within the festi­val fra­me­work. This one is the the­ore­ti­cal com­ple­ment, which under­ta­kes the most impor­tant issues tac­kled during the festi­val in 2011, as well as a part of 2012 – the questions about the chan­ges of wor­king models and the com­pli­cate rela­tion between these models and the eco­no­mics of time.



The volume com­pri­ses of 256 richly illu­stra­ted pages as well as essays, inte­rviews, archive and docu­men­ta­tion of the artist’s work it is edi­ted by Krzysz­tof Gut­frań­ski and inc­lu­des texts and inte­rviews are writ­ten by Kuba Szre­der, Wal­de­mar Bara­niew­ski, Roman Dziad­kie­wicz, Die­ter Roel­stra­ete, Hadas Maor, Gabriela Sal­gado, Artur Żmi­jew­ski, Łukasz Gor­czyca, Krzysz­tof Gut­frań­ski, Kamila Wie­leb­ska and Aneta Szyłak.


Ewa Partum’s monograph

The com­pre­hen­sive, 340-​​page volume con­si­sts of the broad and par­tly first-​​time publi­shed docu­men­ta­tion of Partum’s nearly half-​​century-​​long oeu­vre and con­ta­ins an upda­ted mono­gra­phic chro­nicle of the works and acti­vi­ties insi­ght­fully rese­ar­ched by Ange­lika Step­ken. The essay part con­si­sts of texts by Grze­gorz Dziam­ski, Dorota Mon­kie­wicz, Luiza Nader, Łukasz Ron­duda, Aneta Szy­łak, Ewa Mał­go­rzata Tatar and Andrzej Turowski.


Alter­na­tiva 2011 Guide

Alter­na­tiva Guide­book
Labour & Leisure /​ Estran­ge­ment

115 + 83 pages + map of the exhi­bi­tion
Gdańsk 2011