The Alter­na­tiva 2016 Damage and Loss exhi­bi­tion is an attempt to cap­ture the con­stant expe­rience of loss. It links per­so­nal human expe­rien­ces with eco­no­mic, poli­ti­cal and envi­ron­men­tal con­di­tio­nings. The loss of: per­so­nal inte­grity, dignity, health, rela­tion­ships, safety, reso­ur­ces, acces­ses and last but not least – life – are the values we fear losing most. Losing any of them is a trau­ma­tic expe­rience for indi­vi­du­als, com­mu­ni­ties and socie­ties. That angst is not only expe­rien­ced by us but also poli­ti­cally explo­ited. The exhi­bi­tion Damage and Loss reve­als frag­ments and draws a par­tial pic­ture of this con­di­tion and anxiety – a pic­ture which is some­ti­mes taken from a distance. The exhi­bi­tion also opens up fic­tio­nal sce­na­rios and the poetics of loss.

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