Arne Henriks

This pho­to­graph from the New York Times, taken just after the 2011 Tōhoku ear­thqu­ake and tsu­nami in Japan, both ter­ri­fies and inspi­res. The image shows a scene of human resi­lience in the face of com­plete destruc­tion. In the mid­dle of the hel­lish scene stands a mother, baby on her back, pre­pa­ring a meal in an out­side make­shift kit­chen. Two men sit by her side, eating. In the back­gro­und a pile of drift wood spon­ta­ne­ously recre­ated a wave, remi­ni­scent of Hokusai’s ico­nic wood­block print. The image could be taken out of a Mura­kami novel. It’s both absurd and com­ple­tely nor­mal. Over the past years I’ve often fan­ta­si­zed about recre­ating this scene.

During the 4 day work­shop we will recre­ate this ico­nic image in a real-​​size 3-​​dimensional instal­la­tion. We will discuss toge­ther how to achieve this and with what tools and mate­rials. And since the image shows a kit­chen, we will also cook and eat inside of the installation.